Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hallo Alle!

Here I am on my second day in Konstanz. This area is very beautiful and easy to get around, but before I get into the heart of this blog, I feel this post will be more of an introduction of myself and what I've learned so far during my stay. My name Is Jake, I attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the U.S. I am here in Konstanz studying at the University and my majors are German and Political Science. I am focusing mainly on German language, culture, and politics along with international relations. I hope to update this blog about every week with some snippets of life here and life in the university. So first things first, your flight here. It's a long one. I recommend landing in Zurich, Switzerland. The airport is very easy to navigate (signs are in both German and English) and the train station is connected right to the airport after you pass customs. There is a direct train from the airport to Konstanz that leaves every hour. Once you arrive, you will be in the very center of Konstanz. I recommend joining the PASS program or organizing with a buddy in Konstanz who can meet you at the train station and take you via bus or taxi to your apartment. Your apartment, depending on where it is, is basic. Much like a dorm in America. My apartment, is very close to the university and connects directly to it via a small path. One final thing for this post, I recommend going online and looking at the map of the city and a map of the university, together. The university is large and takes a little getting used to. I will include two links and a picture of my room in the Sonnenb├╝hl apartments. Until I spend more time out and about, this post will have to do. Like I said, it was more of an introduction than anything.

Until next time,
Auf Wiedersehen!

University maps:

Until I become a little more fluent in German than I already am, I will write these posts in English. Perhaps after some time here in Konstanz, I'll do it in both English and German, for my own benefit and for yours.